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With a long history of innovation in the Wood Products industry, we continue to provide the equipment and products and services that streamline production, while safeguarding products in this demanding environment. Whether commercial or residential, the wood products industry is bound by national and international standards.

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A 20, C 13

Complete pneumatic stapling or nailing unit with automatic feed movement for the stationary use in stapling devices and special purpose machines. For stapling all types of cardboard, paper, plastics, film, leather, etc. as well as for nailing these materials onto wood, pressboard, etc..


Angleboard® is made of multiple plies of recycled paper laminated together and formed into a rigid right angle to make the best cardboard corner edge protectors on the market.


AngleWrap® is made of multiple plies of recycled paper, laminated together with glue and encased in a full outer wrap of paper. The board is then formed into a rigid right angle to ensure maximum edge protection.

APX Board

APXboard™ laminated paperboard is made of multiple plies of recycled paper formed into a rigid right angle. Ideal for unitization and edge protection.


Shippers' Autoflator allows users to set inflation pressure and automatically inflate Heavyweight airbags - improving safety, productivity and accuracy.

Avistrap Bundling Strap

Avistrap™ woven and composite polyester strapping for bundling and securement of lighter duty loads. Buckles and Tensioning Tools.


The BPX compression strapping system delivers maximum packaging reliability in a simple to operate and easy to use machine for lumber loads.


Touch the future with BXT3 battery powered tools for plastic strapping! Innovative intelligent and intuitive.


Cornerboard ™ a high strength, moisture resistant corner post and edge protector is ideal for products exposed to the elments or stored in high humidity environments.